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In 2011, ZAPO erected a 2,2km game fence to deter baboons along the North and West boundary. This fence is regarded as being one of the best fences built - and maintained - in the Cape Peninsula and one which several communities are trying to replicate. The ZAPO fence meets the Steenberg Golf Estate electric fence on the southern boundary and various enhancements have been erected over the past few years to this common boundary fence.

For the fence to work effectively, constant and vigilant maintenance is required and a significant part of the annual budget goes towards fence maintenance, improvements, repairs, insurance and depreciation. Two dedicated board members in conjunction with a raft of service providers ensure the smooth and continual operation of the fence.

There are several electric gates at various points which enable residents to access the National Park. Remotes for these can be obtained from the SANparks office next to the Tokai picnic site.

Common Area Security

In accordance with the mandate to enhance the common area security, ZAPO is in a contractual agreement with Premier Security. Premier monitors the cameras and any activity along the fence line, as well as deploys a 24/7 patrol car and security guard in the common area.

Private Security

Residents of the area retain responsibility for the security of their own private property. Many residents make use of Premier Security and get preferential rates. As the security patrol car is dedicated to Zwaanswyk this means that should one's alarm be triggered, there is a very quick response to the signal. Residents are however encouraged to make use of crime prevention initiatives such as security fences, walls and electric fences to prevent access to their properties. They are also encouraged to make use of detection mechanisms such as burglar alarms, electronic detectors, beams and cameras to detect intrusion and raise an alarm.


The fence has several cameras linked to the control room of the Premier Security company and there are various cameras placed strategically around the area. One of the cameras is equipped with number plate recognition software which allows it to alert Premier should a car that has been placed on a watch-list enter the area. Other cameras are designed to simply monitor activity.